Tuesday, February 28, 2017

We are but flies

Too old to rush to judgement

Their quiet stillness speaks of unimaginable wisdom.

When you walk among them you are walking on them and in them and below them, your energy grounding in their elderly wisdom.

Open your palm to them and share a piece of peace.

Let their stillness cool your internal waters.

You are safe here with these giants, for you will only find them where you also find life and water.

Take time to learn how to meet your own needs.

What you learn from them is a place you can go again if you are still enough.

The life below you has the suppleness of thousands of years of work, gently aerated like an ancient sponge.

With each step you squeeze air out and compact away a decade of work, yet it still feels open and airy on the most trodden paths, almost drumming with each step.

Imagine what lush powdery ground must lay beyond your vision.

The birds must sink into it like quicksand.

It begins with a  fountain of atoms being sucked up a long straw by the original maglev.

It's fed through a web of fungus permeating the tree's feet.

The tree pays them off with sugar taken from the sky and dropped to the floor like sediment in a glass of water.

To cool off the trees sweat out Hs and Os and when the leaf is no longer of benefit they litter it to the ground to feed back into their fungal web and maglev cycle.

We could learn so much from their simple loop.

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