Sunday, December 24, 2017

Slow Time Views

I woke up this morning to the most beautiful view.

To the Northwest, the love of my life sleeping next to me.

To the East, the sun rising through thin slits of clouds.

To the South, beautiful formations of ancient rocks jutting up from the Earth like Castles in the Sky.

They were banded by green and red and orange and brown.

At their tops, ancient forests lie untouched, beyond the reach of but the boldest man.

To open my door to this marvelous scene feels at once a privilege and a right.

I suck up fresh air, hoping to store it in my cells for the return home.


Disintegrating pink ribbons streak the air.

Twisting cliffs are draped in a translucent purple.

A hazy indigo is spraying on the horizon.

Puffs of peach foreshadow the last hurrah.

A dark purple cotton candy blimp meanders through the sky.

I let myself be wrapped in the white icy breath of the wind.

This marvelous transformation has flooded my senses.

There is no space for feeling when your eyes are stuffed with inspiration.

The last of the day's tail fades out as I pull my bag tight.

Feminine Fullness

Blinding tunnel of pummeling light.

It was almost pitch black and now I see fine.

What tremendous grandeur and feminine might.

It strikes me like a star on the big stage.

I feel safe among this wonderous siren.

I relax my eyes and hoist her to the top of the sky.

Lucky me

There is an endless silence and a demanding sky.

Portals of angry light come hushed by cool smooth floating grey waters.

Ever happily late, the final dopey blue splashes of day skip across the sky.

The last beams of bright white light search just above the horizon like spotlights.

Soon the rainbow alliance will be parted by the deep blue black of the night.

I sit awaiting that last flash dance, wondering which flare orange will choose today.

As the dark clouds pile in they slowly crowd out the remaining day's heat.

I glance back at the greatest thing in my life and realize it's time for us to bundle up.

Thursday, December 14, 2017

No One Else's

It doesn't matter her age, your mother always fills a special place in your heart.

It doesn't matter how long you've been there, home is the place you can safely rest.

Each relationship is unique.

People try to filter your experience by placing their own personal asterisk on it, but your feelings are something only you can place.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Catting Soul

When I take time to pet it, joy resonates.

Rough rushed petting bites me back.

Ignoring completely and get slapped plus woken up in the night.

The other option is to be playful and present, passionately parasympathetic and pass the night peacefully. Rrrrright.

Easy choice

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Bored to Life

It's quite timid.

Too much noise and it will run and hide.

It won't come out until you are indistinguishable from a statue.

It's an amazing hider. Don't waste time looking for it.

It will come to you.

Try passing the time watching the clouds, a tree, a loved one or maybe just paint drying.

You'll be happy you did.