Tuesday, February 28, 2017


They were kidnapped from their homes in the name of religion and brought against their wills to a hot foreign desert.

They were living a peaceful life in the forest, relaxing all day by the riverside. Their home was a perfect fit for them and gave them everything they needed. It seemed like a thousand years could pass by without any illness in their family.

They loved to drink. They are a large race, but it's still hard to believe how they can drink.

In this new land the desert heat made them perspire heavily. But when they got thirsty and reached out to find more water, they found their feet bound in cement shoes. What's more, in their home they used to have neighbors with whom they traded sugar for drinks and food, but this new land was sterile and dead and they had no such friends.

Finally, when the sun and heat had burned them into ugliness, their religious owners called a doctor. But it was too late. They should have never been brought to the desert.

Before they were even dead the next generation had been taken from their homes and brought to the chapel as replacements.

The doctor tried to convince the minister that this giant race should be left in their homes to thrive. He explained that they aren't made for the desert, particularly if they have no friends to share with and their feet are in cement boxes.

But the minister was blinded by religion. He said it was those trees who gave a famous architect his inspiration for their chapel and it was those giants that he was going to have for his collection.

The doctor left and the staff prepared the graves for the young trees and hastily planted them as replacements for their elders.

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